In the 1950’s, when the first digital computers appeared, South Africans were among the first in the world to embrace this exciting new technology – forming the world’s second Computer Society in 1957 .

Over the past 50 years South Africans’ enthusiasm for computers has continued to grow. Our software industry has notched up numerous world-firsts. South African software engineers will be found working in companies and universities in almost every corner of the world.

The aim in this blog is to provide a specialised platform for the South African software engineering community. In it we will discuss the local software sector– its opportunities and challenges. We will discuss skills and how the broader ICT sector can position itself to create significant numbers of new and sustainable jobs. We will discuss how South Africa can export software products and services.


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  1. It’s a good blog, and I enjoy to follow it. In addition: May I modestly suggest that to each Theme or “Category” of this Blogsite there should also be a list of literature links (named “Further Reading” or something similar) which would point to some related online literature about those topics? Up to now I have browsed through all the categories and discussions in this Blog so far, and to most of them there exists some published paper which immediately springs into my mind, something which might perhaps be nice or useful to know for many other readers, too. Of course one can always write an interesting URL address into a comment (such as this one), but in this way all those URLs would be scattered around the entire Blogsite, and thus not easy to find. Some bundled lists of “Further Reading” links, one for each Category, would be really helpful (in my opinion).

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