Its 2012 and Africa is Rising

by Prof Barry Dwolatzky


Welcome back to my blog. It has a fresh look and I hope you will follow me and share your comments in the year ahead.





In May 2000 the Economist magazine labelled Africa “The hopeless continent”. In December 2011 the same magazine featured an article entitled “The hopeful continent: Africa Rising”  (View the article) . This dramatic U-turn by the Economist put a smile on my face. I’ve never doubted the incredible potential of the continent on which I live. Did you? Now we are seeing that potential being translated into high growth rates and thriving economies.

But … as I shake off the beach sand and get my head back into gear for a busy 2012 I am starting to think of the challenges that lie ahead in the coming years.

Both in South Africa and throughout Africa the successful future forecast by the Economist is not assured. A great deal of hard work needs to be done. Challenges include infrastructure, health, education, political and economic stability … and many more. Somewhere within each of these challenges is Information and Communication Technology (ICT) – the key factor that underpins modern economic and social life.

Africa’s ICT sector needs to rise to the challenge of supporting growth and development on our continent.

As I sit at my desk drawing up plans, strategies and to-do lists for the year ahead … (Gosh!  Its already February and I’m still planning! ) … I find myself feeling really excited. All of us – the Software Engineering and ICT community of Africa – have a wonderful opportunity to rise to the challenge to ensure that Africa keeps on Rising!

I think that I’m ready to make my contribution. Are you ready?

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  1. sibusiso

    On the 27th may 2010 ,Africa Day, Thabo Mbeki gave a lecture )
    and it introduced me to the main question directed to our era, “Can Africa Claim the 21st Century?” , from a report published by the World Bank

    Reading “The hopeful continent: Africa Rising revived my spirit and I’m more hopeful of a positive answer to the World Bank question.
    I’ve no doubt ICT will play a key role in enabling this dream and I’m ready to make my contribution.

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