#8: Digital Transformation

This episode deals with the concept of the “Fourth Industrial Revolution”, or 4IR.  Prof Barry believes that the problem with the term 4IR is that it lacks a clear definition. In setting out his own definition he describes four “Design Principles” that lie at the heart of Germany’s Industrie 4.0 initiative. He and Kerryn discuss each of these principles. He then relates them to “evolutionary” and “revolutionary” digital transformation.

Each episode in Season 2 will feature a special guest who has lead Africa’s digital legacy.. What is their “baton” and what will THEY pass on to the next generation?

2 Replies to “#8: Digital Transformation”

  1. Paul

    I totally agree with Barry- 4IR was a WEF publicity stunt – its a continuum machine learning (=AI) dates back to Enigma, computers as well, etc. Manufacturing robots go back to mass production, et al.

  2. Paul

    Studies (CGE) indicate that automation of mining could be JOB NEUTRAL if all the inputs are supplied locally (capital goods, consumables, services), but for that we larger markets through regional integration: SADC, ECOWAS, etc. and finally a single African market.

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