• #5: IT Industry

    In the late 1990s a strategy for growing South Africa’s IT Industry was developed. Although it offered a clear vision for the future of the Industry, very few of the […]

  • #4: Software Engineering

    Episode 4 of our podcast touches on some of the software concepts that gave rise to the “4th Industrial Revolution”. Prof Barry Dwolatzky and Kerryn Gammie discuss OOD, digital twins […]

  • #3: Grand Geek (pt 3)

    In this 3rd and final episode of “Becoming the Grand Geek”, Prof Barry talks about how in the 1990’s he and Alan Meyer ran a large research and development effort […]

  • #2: Grand Geek (pt. 2)

    In 1989 Prof Barry returned to South Africa after 10 years in voluntary exile in the UK to work underground in the struggle against Apartheid. In this episode he talks […]

  • #1: Grand Geek (pt. 1)

    Prof Barry talks about his introduction to the world of software via mainframes. In the 1980s he worked on early versions of technologies that now lie at the heart of […]

  • #0: Introduction

    Prof Barry Dwolatzky introduces his new podcast called “Optimizing – Leading Africa’s Digital Future” Script