Video Promoting the SA ICT Sector

by Prof Barry Dwolatzky 



Here is a short version of a video produced by the JCSE and DTI to promote the SA ICT Sector. I used this video as part of my presentation at the recent SEPG Conference in the USA. It is a 5 minute version of a longer (17 minute)video promoting the Sector. If you want high definition versions of either video please let me know

8 Replies to “Video Promoting the SA ICT Sector”

  1. Renier Dreyer

    I like the short version of the video clip.
    The blog looks informative and will make for good reading 🙂

  2. Jim McHale

    The video looks great, Barry! Sorry I missed you in Savannah. I hope you can make it to the TSP Symposium in Pittsburgh inSeptember.

  3. Mteto Nyati

    Barry, this is great – remember Microsoft next time you shoot another video – all the best my friend.

  4. Alok Goswami

    Hi Barry,

    The video is awesome. I feel it will go a long way in generating the awareness and excitement about South African ICT sector. I learnt many interesting facts about South Africa through the video! Many people in Nedbank have provided me with very positive feedbacks as well.

    My suggestion is to also get the full version of the video uploaded on You Tube. I have seen that You Tube does make exceptions to the data upload rules in many instaces. I am sure that if you write to them, they will allow the full video to be uploaded.

  5. Tendani

    I like it very much. I suppose I can name the video “a mobile and visual ambassador”. Well done, its a good initiative. It makes me feel positive about our technology sector.

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